In existential terms the fact of being seen
is essential to the process of existence 
J. Adler
Authentic Movement is a creative meditation through spontaneous movement between the mover and the witness of the movement.
By being watched and accepted without any judgment, you learn to see and to accept yourself as well as seeing and accepting Another.
It creates a space to develop the “Inner watcher” .
When your mind stands still, your mental pictures begin to move and the deepest mystery inside you begin revealing itself through the body language.
A.M. is a meditation in movement, a contemplation of what is really happening in the Now.
As a practice, A.M. (Authentic Movement) gives life and form to that natural instinct to the “Oneness” present in everyone.
We all need to be seen, recognized and accepted without any judgment or projection and finally we want to witness Another.
The mover, in presence of the witness, moves with eyes closed, manifesting the purpose to remain present in the Now. This way, letting go control, the mover can go deep into his inner source, listening to himself and focusing on what is moving inside and what will move later; the mover waits “to be moved”, abandoned, allowing to be free to follow the unconscious insight.
The witness lies in Oneness and practices to see, to accept and to listen, without defining  and without the need to label, to interpret whatever the mover is doing-manifesting, or his inner experience.
By practicing authentic movement, the witness develops a wider clearness about himself, recognizing his own projections, interpretations and judgments; the one who is moved, develops his own inner witness ability, his integral awareness: body consciousness, psychological and spiritual awareness.
The gift of this practice is a greater ability to see oneself, accept and love for what one really is.
It happens easily, while the body finds its owns ways to express and what was first raw individual material, later becomes a collective consciousness field.
We experience what it means to see oneself and Another, learning to distinguish what kind of feeling passes through us (emotions, memories, sensations, projections, judgments, interpretations) by what it really is.
When you practice, you develop an authentic awareness which consists in pure naked attention:
an attention sees only what simply is there, it doesn’t add any comment or conclusion, it receives and let it go, sees and let it be.
The key in this path is the relationship with Another and with the group, thanks to them we learn to see, to see ourselves, and truly listen to ourselves.

It creates a wide space of awareness empty of judgment between us and Another, which creates a deep respect and a deep empathy atmosphere.
By seeing and being seen, we receive back our life through word and movement, two very important moments of the practice.
The witness uses a poetic language to tell what he has seen, which becomes more and more precise as he practices. The obstacles are soon removed for an authentic view between us and another.
It is fundamental that we all share our experiences with a clear language, because it helps our shift in the circle.
It is through this awareness that we experience a great deep change.

Authentic Moviment is:
-a dynamic and static meditation
-the opportunity to be in a safe sacred space
-a moment to let the body free to move deeply and flow with life and emotions
-a spiritual practice for an integral mind and body - connection and consciousness
-a somatic experience of the unconscious which can add meaning to daily life
-a body meditation path which leads to a wider consciousness of Being in the Now
-letting go all fears, conditioning, emotions, feelings, limiting patterns and entering in a deep relationship to one’s own body
-an authentic relationship with Another
-gratitude and compassion in a collective context
-support to artists in the removal of emotional blocks

PHD Federica Pinna
Expressive Therapist, PHD in Psychology and Dance Therapy (ATI).
I lead individual therapeutic sessions, paths, group seminars and workshops,
for children and adults, through bodily language and meditation.
Info & Contact:
tel. 349.8697048
Authentic Movement
Moving and being moved


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